In Memory of Keith Jones

6/28/74 - 3/19/99

This page was created with love for Gretchen.
In memory of her beloved fianc´┐Ż Keith.
Today is his third birthday in Heaven.

Song Playing
"If You Came Back From Heaven"
Performed by Lorrie Morgan

Angels In Heaven

We may no longer be together,
As you're not here with me anymore.
But I stilll feel you deep in my heart,
Just the same as it was before.

For I could never forget my love,
Or my beautiful memories of you.
And I know that even in Heaven,
You still recall those memories too.

When I gaze up at Heaven to you,
And you look down on me.
Our smiles light up the whole sky,
For all of Heaven and Earth to see.

Our love will always live on,
As our souls will forever be connected.
God made our cherished souls immortal,
So our love for each other, would be protected.

Knowing that you are at peace,
Brings comfort to my sad heart.
And I know God will take care of you,
Now that we are apart.

Until we are together again,
And sharing our heavenly home.
I will always have my Angel in Heaven,
Smiling down on me, and never be alone.

~Author Unknown~

My Dearest Gretchen

I know how heavy your heart is today. Remembering the love you
two shared, and missing him so. Just know that he will always love you,
as you love him. Hold tight to those precious memories and let them
comfort your heart.

I love you Gretchen!

Rest in peace Keith,
and know that you are still missed and loved by so many.

In Memory of Keith Jones
Please stop by and visit Gretchen's Memorial for Keith

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