Daddy I Love You

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~ My Daddy ~

Today I sat with him and we reminisced
As he spoke of childhood days
His and mine, sharing golden memories
That forever shine

"I cannot forget," he said and smiled
"How I loved holding you when you were just a child"
Then we laughed, remembering moments
Not a few, so somber then but clearly comical in review

Looking back felt warm and fulfilling
As I sensed my love and respect for him distilling
He cried as he told me again of answered prayers
Of faith in God, and of difficult trails his feet had trod

Making a path, not paved, but easy to see... for me
Sometimes I think my life is hard...And at times it is
Not quite like his yet laden with trails of my own...
But that's okay, I've gained strength for tomorrow
By feasting on yesterday with Daddy


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This is a simple graphic set.
Made to represent the simple life our daddy lived.
Each color reflects an emotion. The black, reflects
the emptiness he left in our lives.
The red symbolizes the love he gave unconditionally
to us. And the gold reminds me of how
our lives were enriched and blest by having
the most wonderful daddy in the world.

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