Forever In Our Hearts

John Radford Ivie
December 16, 1912
April 1, 1998

As children, calling you "Daddy"
was something we did naturally.
As adults, calling you "Daddy"
is something we did with pride.

Music Playing
"The Lords Prayer"
Composed by Albert Hay Malotte




I hope that you will always know, whatever I
do, wherever I go there is one thing I will
never outgrow, and that is my love for you
daddy! In our eyes you hung the moon, no
child could have ever ask God for a better
daddy than you were to us. We loved you
then, and we love you still! Our eyes might
not be able to look upon your gentle loving face,
but if we look with our hearts we still see your
love. I love you daddy and miss you even more.

~ Daddy's Eulogy ~

Years ago someone ask me, who was the greatest man alive.
Without hesitation I said, my daddy. He is my Hero! A man
in my eyes who stood as tall as a mountain, shoulders as
wide as the sea, eyes as blue as the sky, he meant the world
to me.

There are so many memories I have of daddy. But this one,
was very special to us. As children when we would get
ready to go somewhere, we would get the biggest kick out
of pulling daddy's fingers, while he was setting down and
we would say "One for the money - Two for the show -
Three get ready and lets go" and we would pull real hard and
daddy would just grin really big and would stand up.

Daddy made life so much fun, a man that made the simplest
things so special. Like taking us to the zoo or the park.
Watching the fireworks on 4th of July. He would get so
tickled at us yelling ooh - aah as the fireworks lit up the sky.

He was a Christian man and loved the Lord with all he had.
I am so glad mother and daddy brought us up in the Church
and to know that the good Lord is always with us. Lois
told me Wednesday, when the Lord took daddy home. That
he lived his life to serve and to one day see Jesus and she
said "now his dream has come true." There is no doubt in
my heart where daddy is today. On April the first the Lord
needed an Angel and out of all the people in the world, he
chose the very best, our daddy!

Everyone that is here today knew and loved daddy. He was
one of a kind! He lived 85 glorious years and I am so proud
to have been able to call him daddy and love him for part of
those 85 years. He always said, "death on this earth, that's
not the end but just the beginning." His memory and his love
lives on through each one of us here today.

Daddy will never be far, for we will always carry his love in
our hearts. I know one day I will see him again, so for now
daddy, "One for the money - Two for the show - Three get
ready.......and now, I have to let go.

I love you Daddy!!!

Henry, Glenda, Martha Carol & Lois




Thank you Sassy for this precious gift.
We will treasure it always!
I love you!!!

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