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~Timeless Memories~

John Radford Ivie
~Our Beloved Daddy~

Song Playing
You Raise Me Up
Performed by Josh Groban



John & Syble Ivie


Lois in daddy's lap ~ Martha between daddy & mother.
Daddy (John) Mother (Daisy)
Glenda standing in back.

Glenda ~ Martha ~ Lois with daddy.





A man in not dead,
Until he is forgotten.
As long as God gives us breath,
we will keep your memory alive.






As chldren we looked up, and into your eyes we found a love
that was far greater than anything at the time we could
imagine. As children, we just knew you as daddy.
Someone we could trust, someone we
could depend on, someone we could love in return.

As the years went by, we realized you were for more than
just "daddy." You were our protector, our guide, our courage
when we had none. Our strength when we were weak,
our lighthouse in the storm, our very own mentor,
and most of all our friend.

Later in life, as we grew older. Through those same
precious eyes, we would come to see the light of your soul.
The wisdom of your heart and the love of a daddy that was
always there and never waived.

Thank you daddy for all you have done for us throughout
the years. For always being there and most of all,
thank you for the unconditional love you gave to each of us.

Now, as I gaze towards the Heavens, the sky reminds me
of your eyes. The blue hue reflects the color God
painted the windows to your soul..The endless horizion,
summons back the immeasurable love you gave to us.

But most of all, the reason I gaze upon the sky. Is that
in Heaven, I know in my heart that you still watch over us.
That your love as well as your time now knows no
boundary, and it's my way to still look into your eyes.

I love you daddy!



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