I would like you to meet a special Angel, Darlene.

Rickey, Darlene, Gary & Christy
Her beloved children

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"Impossible Dream"
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    My Special Angel    

8/4/33  -  12/27/01

Oh Darlene, how we miss you!

You fought that unbeatable foe, and you bared that
unbearable sorrow. You ran where the brave dared
not go, and you always gave your best. You tried when
your arms were to weary. And you did Darlene, you
did reach that unreachable star. You never gave up,
no matter how hopeless. You were willing to give, when
there was no more to give. Darlene, I pray that
you know that the world was far better for having
you here. With your last ounce of courage you did
find and reach that unreachable star. So rest
peaceful my friend, and know what a blessing
you were to all of us!

If I had only known Christmas Eve, it would have been
the last time I would see you. I would have told you
one more time, how much I loved you. I would have
held you longer, when I hugged you goodbye. I would
have thanked you once again for all your kindness.
For all the love you gave unconditionally, and for
Christy. Your daughter, my "Bestest Friend."
Oh, what a shock it was when she phoned to tell me
God had called you home. I couldn't believe what she
was saying. I couldn't believe you were gone.

But the realization set in, and along with that I
realized one should never, not even for a moment take
for granted how precious life is. For it can be taken away
in a blink of an eye. It's still hard to conceive the thought
of you not here. But as your son, Rickey articulated at
your funeral. Your work here on earth was completed,
and you were needed elsewhere. So we are not saying
good-bye, just farewell to a precious and beautiful
lady so many loved and cherished.





Precious Memories

This is Darlene with her precious daughter Christy,
and her beloved brother, Mike. Mike passed away
December 4, 2001. Twenty-three days later, God called
Darlene home. Once again a brother and his sister
were reunited, this time for eternity.

I took this picture Christmas Eve. Little would I
know this photo would be the last one I
would ever take of her. Oh, how I cherish this!

~ Forever and always will I carry your love and memory in my heart. I love you, Darlene ~



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