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To have had a daddy like you is to have a life time
full of precious memories.
Of all the days gone by and for all the strength, courage
and most of all for the love you gave to each of us...
To have had a daddy like you is one of life's greatest blessings.

Thank you for always being such a wonderful


The Word of God

Words he lived by, words he loved by,
words he raised his children by.
The word of God he cherished.

Above, a few of the notes daddy wrote in his Bible.
These are very special to me.
Daddy read his Bible daily and would mark
each time he would read a chapter.
There are hundreds upon
hundreds of marks in this Bible.
Along with many prayers and notes
of his thoughts and concerns.


Thank you daddy for giving me your bible
and for the tears you shed for your children.
And yes daddy, the Lord has saved your child!

This was given to daddy on his 83rd birthday. Not just on that one day
was he special, daddy was the World's Greatest Daddy everyday of the year!

Daddy, being your daughter has always made me feel so special.
Making others feel good seemed to be such a natural part of how you were.
I want to thank you for all your love. Whether it was extending an outstretched
hand or going that extra mile, you were always there for us.
When times weren't at their best, your gentle strength guided us and you always
knew what to say and do. Your encouragement, support, and belief in God and in us
are just a few of the considerate ways that you constantly kept us feeling loved.

Today I pray that you know that your love has made an important
difference in my life. Even though I can't look into your eyes and tell you how much
you truly have touched my life, and how much I love you.
In my heart I know somehow you still know this. No matter the distance between
us now, you will forever be our "Daddy."

Happy Father's Day

I love you and miss you even more.


A very special thank you goes out to my dear & cherished friend, my little sister in Christ, Gretchen.
For creating the beautiful globe of daddy.


Gretchen has been such a blessing to me & I thank God for sending me such a sweet Angel.


Please take a few minutes and visit her site & the page she so lovingly made for me

Carol's Page

Also please visit the tribute I created for my cherished friend Gretchen.

Gretchen's Page


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