Friends Are Angels
Who lift Us To Our Feet
When Our Wings Have
Trouble Remembering How To Fly...

Music Playing "Dreams"


For the past quarter of a century, these three angels,
have been the wind beneath my wings.


I have always been told that one can tell the richness of a person
by their friends. God has truly blessed me beyond wealth.
I have been abundantly blest with their kindness, the laughter,
and joy of their beautiful spirits, and most of all by their love.
An unconditional love that has lasted through time. These
friendships I treasure more than gold.

We have seen and grown so much over the years. We have been
there for one another in celebration of births in our family, and
held and comforted one another when God called our loved
ones home. Those memories even the ones that felt as if they
were breaking our hearts. Bind us together for eternity.


~ Jerry ~
At one time, Jerry was my brother-in-law. He and my
little sister, Lois had a son, David.
That in my eyes hung the sun and moon. I cherish that boy...
well, he's not a boy any longer, but in my heart he will always
be our little baby David. A precious soul, that God sent not
only to grace us with his love, but later in years would guide us
as a family.

Jerry, throughout the years, you have proven and shown me what
the meaning of a true friend truly is. I call you "My Friend."
Indeed, forever that is what you will be. Thank you Jerry,
for the years of happiness, joy, laughter, and love you have given
unconditionally to a simple girl years ago, and to the woman I
have grown to be. A woman who will always cherish the friendship
God has blest us with. I don't say this near enough Jerry,
but always know that I love you! You are an inspiration to me,
and I thank God for you everyday.
I love you with all my heart and soul Jerry!

~ Christy ~
My sunshine, the one who fills my life with so much love.
You are the only other person besides Lois, that I call Sissy.
Lois cherished you, each of you. Know what a blessing
you were to her. Christy came into our lives almost twenty-one
years ago. She is the type of person that when you meet her, it
feels as if you have known her your entire life. I loved you then,
but it doesn't compare to the love I carry in my heart for you now.
The bond of friendship and respect I have for you is
immeasurable. Christy was my sister-in-law, stepmother to my
nephew, and the beloved and treasured wife of "My Friend" Jerry.

I have always called Christy, my lighthouse. For through out the
years, when the sea of life became rough and I couldn't see my
North Star. She was always there to guide me to safety.
Christy was there every step with me during my daddy and my
little sister's death. The first person I called when my world fell
apart. Christy, you have given me so much strength, courage,
and support over the years... I will never ever come close to
repaying you for your kindness and love you give
unconditionally to me. The three simple words of "I Love You,"
doesn't compare to what I feel in my heart for you. Just know
that your love has helped shape my life, and makes me want to
strive to be a better person. I love you my "Bestest Friend."
I love you with all my heart and soul!

~ Wynona ~
My "Forever Friend." Wynona, was my sister-in-law. From the
first time I met her, I knew she was special! I call her Sis, for in
my heart, she is like a sister to me. A lady that came into my life,
almost twenty five years ago. A pintsize lady, that has a heart as
big as the heavens! Our friendship has withstood the test of time,
and here's to the next twenty-five years Sis. There are not many
people that can say, or that have been blessed to have a
friendship as long as we have. Oh, the memories we've made,
and how I cherish each of them. Your love, the devotion of
your friendship never once wavered over the years. Even with
the miles between us now, our friendship still stands strong.

When I lived in the country, Sis and I were inseparable. We
could spend hours together laughing and talking. Or
sometimes not saying a thing. Which is hard for me. heehee
But that's what made our friendship so strong. We knew each
other's thoughts before the other even uttered a word. Sis,
I hope you know how much I love you! Even when things get
hectic around here, and I don't call as much as I should.
Always know that I am thinking of you, and know that I love you.
I treasure you with all my heart and the special bond we share.
You are, and will always be my "Forever Friend." For our
love never has, nor will it ever be taken for granted.
Always remember I love you Sis,


Time seems to fly so quickly
That we may not often say
The sentimental, loving things
We feel from day to day
But a special time like this
Is a perfect chance to show
That you're thought of with affection
Much more often than you know

I love you Christy ~ Jerry ~ Wynona

Christy, Jerry, and Wynona, you are not only friends of mine.
You are a part of our family. From Mother, Daddy, Glenda and
Lois, we each cherish you and the love you have given each of
us over the years.

Although some of our loved ones have gone on, Pappy and Mom
Winchester, Sis' beloved son Keith, Lee, Lois, Daddy and
Christy's sweet Mom, Darlene. I believe with all my heart that
the heart goes on. For love knows no boundary. As for Daddy
and Lois, you will never realize how much each of you meant to
them, and how much they loved you. Even to this day, Mother has
pictures of you in her home. And when I come to visit you, and see
photos of Lois displayed for all to see. It touches my heart
beyond words.

We have a friendship so strong, that we don't have to have
the same blood flowing through our veins to be family.
For family are the ones we love, cherish, and carry in
our hearts till time is no more.

I love you!

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