My Cherished Friend
~ Gretchen ~

~Love You Bunches, Gretchen~

My Friend

You are the relative of my heart,
Not born of the same parents.
But born of the same sensibilities,
Emotions, desires, and dreams.
Raised in different ways,
Yet so much alike in thought.


Our hearts and minds draw us
Yet closer to each other.
We are lifelines to one another,
Clinging to this web thread
That protects us.


Reach out to me, I will catch you,
I will be with you when you need me.
Always aware that you are
my safety against the storm.


How can I ever repay you, my friend?
For all the many times you listened...
To my words, my thoughts.
You were always my ally.


A friend I could go to where
I knew I would be safe,
Comfortable in the warmth
of your friendship.

~Author Unknown



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More Than Enough

On this day I wish for you
God's heavenly gift of peace,
More than enough to strengthen your heart
So that all your tears may cease.


Memories will flood you on this lonesome day
That your daddy was taken home.
I pray God gives you more than enough love
So that your heart does not feel alone.


I share the pain you carry inside
As you face each new tomorrow,
I pray God blesses you with more than enough comfort
To take away all your sorrow.


Remember as you walk to that peaceful grave
Where beautiful flowers are placed with love,
I'll be praying God lifts your heart
And overflows you with strength from above.


So as this day slowly grows to an end
And you're left with only a memory,
Remember, I'll be praying for more than enough...
Your friend I'll always be.

Author: Gretchen
Copyrighted 2001

April 1, 2001

From my heart and soul, I thank you for this beautiful poem!
I will treasure this always as I do your friendship.
God bless you dear friend!



I have no words of wisdom, nor a talent for poetry.
But what I do offer to my dear and cherished friend
is a heart full of love. The knowledge in knowing I
will always be there and forever will treasure the
friendship God has blessed us with.

Gretchen, you shall forever be my friend, and you
reflect a ray of God to me. Your spirit, your kindness,
your love, your tender heart are but a few things that
make you what you are. And they are but a few of the
reasons I am blest to call you Friend!

God has always been so good to me, providing all that
I need. I had a void in my life, I missed having someone
to call "little sister" and all that goes with being a sister.
It's just like God to fill that void and send me an angel
to call "little sister." You are an answer to my prayers
Gretchen. You will never realize how good it is to say
those words again, "little sister I love you."

There are so many to thank for this friendship, God, you,
even Keith and Lois for guiding us together.
God is good and may He bless you always Gretchen!

Some people are so special that once they enter ones
life, it becomes richer and fuller.
Thank you for this precious gift.
I love you lots Gretchen!
You are a true gift from God

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