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"Out Of The Dark"
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House Of Glass

I have worked really hard to rebuild my house,
To not look back or dwell on my past.
But I made a terrible mistake on my behalf,
For I built my house out of glass.

Some would say it seems sturdy, even warm and cozy,
Full of life from their point of view.
But the more they look and the closer they come,
They could see that was not at all true.

They wonder what happen to change it,
What could have possibly gone wrong.
For at times it seems chilly and a little shaky,
It's foundation not always strong.

From where they stand they could not see,
That it had been broken into and trying hard to hide the pain.
The robber took it's most valuable possession, it's dignity and pride,
The trust that took a life to build and left it standing alone in shame.

The items he left behind were fear, guilt and darkness,
And a fountain outside that now is filled by tears.
And even though it's been many years the image of that intruder,
Still reflects in my house of glass and reminds me that he once was here.

Author: Martha Carol
Rape Survivor
Copyright 1978


Out Of The Dark I Have Come.

That doesn't mean that I have forgotten, it means God has given me
the strength to overcome the pain, and the shame.

A special thanks goes to those who were my courage
and strength during this time of darkness in my life,
Lee, Lois, Strider, Jerry, Wynona, Mother, Daddy,
Glenda, Aunt Ada and Uncle Paul.
Thank you for holding my hand and helping me to see
the dawn of what seemed to be a year of darkness.

Lois, Lee, Daddy, Mother & Uncle Paul I hope in heaven you still know that I draw
from that courage still. Your love saved me,
and I hope each of you know that I will always love you.

Strider, the darkness is gone now thanks to you.
Know that I love you with all my heart and soul!



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