Christy & David
You Both Bring So Much Love and Light Into My Life

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"Angels Among Us"
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Although I didn't see you for years. You were always in my
thoughts and forever in my heart. Then one day with a simple
call, that I had made many times before.
My prayers were answered.

Some call it fate, not me. I believe it was God and your mother guiding
us together. Answering a prayer that would enrich my life beyond any
dreams I had ever had. Providing me with what I had longed for, for
many years. You were the answer to my prayers David.

When you and your beautiful wife, Christy came down to meet your
family you hadn't seen in seventeen years. It was a moment in time
I will forever treasure. When you and Christy walked through the
door and I seen you, I cried. The tears of joy overwhelmed me,
and I wanted time to stand still and the whole world to know what
a precious moment that just occurred.

It was one of the hardest things for me, not to run, to run and
embrace you and tell you a thousand times how much I love you.
But my time would come. I needed to let you and your sister have
that first moment, that first embrace and that's how it should have
been. For when the two of you hugged, I knew...I knew in my heart
that your mother was watching. Her two babies reunited, and I
could imagine her in heaven smiling and knowing all would
be well now.

Indeed it is well. Christy and David you have made a huge
difference in my life. You both gave me something that I had
misplaced for several months. The gift of life, the gift of love. I
believe your mother knew the pain I was going through in losing
her, the grief that was consuming me beyond my control. So she
sent me two precious angels that would show be how to live,
show me how to give. To guide me with the light of love.

Christy, that night as we welcomed you into our family. I
realized we were the ones that were fortuitous to have you
in our lives. What a blessing you are. From your soft spoken
voice to your gentle spirit, from your caring ways to your tender
heart. You are a true treasure! I have never seen a more loving
wife and mother as you are. Know how much I love you Christy,
and what an inspiration you are to me.

David, from the first time I saw you sweet face and held you
in my arms. You captured my heart. Now you're all grown,
with a family of your own. A devoted husband and loving
father. I hope you know how tremendously proud I am of you.

You have a spirit like your papaw Ivie. I wish you would
had known him. The greatest man there was. I see so
much of him in you. In saying that, live by the word of God,
hold your family close. Cherish them as you do now and
one day your precious daughter will say the same about
you. There are three things in life that everyone needs.
Faith, hope and love. All three, you have given me. You
light the way David, with a single light of hope.

David and Christy, I love you! I could repeat that phrase a
million times and it would not convey the true meaning and
feelings I have for you both. You have brought so much
sunshine into my life. So much joy and laughter, and a
never ending stream of love that I cherish and hold each
moment we share as if it were the most delicate of flowers.

Then I tuck those treasured memories into a special place
in my heart, and will never take for granted what God has
given back to me. Our David, his beautiful wife Christy and
their precious children. How blest am I...I will tell you.
I am the luckiest and proudest Aunt in the whole world.
I love you Christy and David, I love you with all my heart!




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