In Loving Memory
Lois Marie Ivie

October 14, 1960 ~ February 12, 2000

Mother ~ Grand Mother ~ Daughter ~ Sister ~ Aunt

Music Playing
"The Lords Prayer"
Composed by Albert Hay Malotte

Lois' Eulogy

First, I would like to say that I love you Lois
with all my heart! Just as each of you do that
have come here today to remember Lois. I
once read a quote "Death ends a life, not a
relationship." Although I will miss you every
second of every minute and every minute of
each day, till we meet again. I promise, I will
keep your memory alive with all the precious
memories I have of you. Your laughter, your
beautiful smile, your quick wit, your sense of
humor and your love for your family and
friends. When Lois was in a room she lit it up
like a shinning star. I thanked her then, and
thank her now for being such a good friend
and a loving sister.

Lois lived a short time on this earth. But I
can truly say she loved life and lived it to the
fullest. My memory of my sister as a child, is
one who had a sparkle in her eye and that
would do or try anything. Lois was one who
made friends easily, she never met a stranger
and always had something to say to everyone.
Lois loved sports, she played basketball in
school, ran track, and each summer she
played softball. As a young adult, Lois had
two beautiful children. Although she wasn't
around them much. She loved them with all
her heart. Lois kept pictures of them and
would show them to everyone she knew. Lois'
pride and joy in life were her children and
grand children. Always remember that she
loved you and even now she watches over

After her stroke, Lois was faced with the
challenge of her life and even though the light
was dimming, she faced it with great courage.
Lois was a trouper in a battle she knew she
couldn't win. Never the less she fought with
everything she had. I'm proud of my sissy, she
was a great lady and I thank God he gave me
the chance to know and love her. There are
some people in this life, that not even death
can separate them and for me she is one of
those special people. Lois was a blessing from
God, a blessing I will always cherish and keep
a special place in my heart just for her alone.

In the last few months, Lois took pride in
attending church and making her peace with
the Good Lord. Lois knew she was going to
heaven and that gave her great pride, along
with peace of mind and comfort for her soul.
We haven't lost Lois, for she will always be in
our hearts but letting her go will be the hardest
thing we will ever have to do. Knowing Lois is
in heaven makes it a little easier. I know now
she's not hurting, she is walking again and
knowing Lois giving daddy a big hug with both
arms that work perfectly now. There are no
words to describe how much I will miss her and
all that she was to me and all the love she gave
me. I, along with each one of you here today,
remember Lois. Remember the love she gave
each of you and keep in mind that "Death ends
a life, not a relationship."

From Mother, Amber, David, your grand
children, Henry, Glenda, your nieces, your
nephew and I, we send with you all our
love. We love you Sissy!

To The World You Were But One
But To One You Were My World

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A friend listens to our words, but hears our heart.
I have no words dear Gretchen, to express the gratitude for this
stunning gift you have created for our family.
So just listen to my heart and know how much this, truly means to me.


I love you, Gretchen,
and God bless you my dear friend!

Made With Love For My Little Sister 1-27-2001
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