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Lois' Favorite Song
"Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"
Performed by Clay Aiken


Was I born just to cry,
To stop only if I die.

To hurt so bad while I live,
I'm running out of tears to give.

Everyday I cry for me,
And how my life turned out to be.

Someday I will die,
Beneath six feet of dirt I'll hide.

The grass then can have my tears,
And the dirt can have my fears.

This living I'll learn to handle,
Till my life is put out like a candle.

My life has been a waste till now,
Never ever learning how.

To dry my eyes and try and smile,
Dying has to be the longest mile.

Author: Lois Marie Ivie

Lois, you had a long mile to go and at the end I know you thought
you would never get past the finish line victoriously. But you did
baby sister. Even though you were paralyze on one side, once you
crossed that finish line you had won the battle and could run the
rest of the way home. You might have viewed your life as a waste
but I am here to tell everyone that it was not.

I cherish the good and not so good days you had with us, and would
not trade them for anything. You use to say every night "Thank you
Sissy for all you've done for me today." When it should have been
the other way around, me thanking you for not giving up even though
the road was tough and for giving us another day to tell you and
show you how much you were loved. Sissy, in heaven, there are no,
more tears or fears. So now, rest peacefully my sweet one and
always know that you were my true and best friend.

Thank you Lois for all you've done for me today.
I love you and will always love you Sissy!

From my heart, I thank you Kathalise!
Our family and I will treasure this.


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