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~ Lois' Request ~

About three weeks before Jesus took Lois Home. I was sitting on the edge of the bed giving Lois her medication through her PEG in her stomach. I noticed she was more quiet than she had been earlier in the day. I ask her, Sissy does it hurt when I do this! She replied with a soft spoken no. I ask her what was wrong, was something on her mind, did she need anything? Lois set and watched me as I finished. I tried to make her laugh, usually I could accomplish this by making a funny face, just being silly or telling her a joke. But this time it was not working. I watched her watching me as I got up to clean the instruments I had just used and to put away her medicine. I went back and set on the bed and held her hand and once again ask, what's wrong Sissy. Lois looked at me for a moment, then she started talking. I felt my world shake and my heart breaking.

She started talking about her funeral and what she wanted to wear and what songs she loved and wanted played. She ask me if I was going to do her eulogy. For a moment which seem to be eternity, I just sat there. At first I don't believe I heard a thing she said, I didn't want to be listening to this. In my heart I didn't want to ever let go, to never let go of my baby sister. I knew for the first time, she realized that time was drawing to an end. I couldn't speak for the lump in my throat was preventing any sound from escaping, so I simply nodded. Lois tenderly looked at me and softly said, it's ok Sissy I am ready to go. If I would have had the ability to stop time, I would have moved heaven and earth to do so at that very moment.


~ My Request ~

Once I gathered my composure, and kissed by beloved Sissy on her cheek and told her how much I love her and what she meant to me. I sat back down and ask her to do me a favor. I told her that I knew she was going to heaven to be with Jesus. I had no doubt in my heart about that. I just wanted her to send me a sign letting me know that she was there and all was well.

Now, Sissy was the one with the lump in her throat and we both just set there looking into each others eyes as if to see straight to the soul of the other. Lois thought for a little while and said, yes she would. Sissy told me what sign she would send and why she had chosen that particular sign. That night, in away we both said our good-byes to each other. We cried, we laughed, we spoke of the good times and the not so good of times. I told her no matter the distance between us, that she would always be near. For I would forever keep her love and her memory in my heart.


~ Lois Sign From Heaven ~

Although I knew the day would come, Jesus would finish Lois' mansion and come to take her home. I was still not ready to let my Sissy go. I literally felt the world shift from it's axis. My world as I knew it would never be the same. I cried for Lois, I cried for me, and for all of those that would miss her also. On my lonely way home, I started looking for her sign, but could not see it. I was heart broken.

The funeral home had called and ask if I could come help fix Lois' wig that I had bought her. Sissy had lost so much of her hair from all the medication and the tumor. That she wanted a wig so to look pretty for the last time everyone would ever see her. I told them I would be right there. I was getting ready to leave and remembered the charm bracelet that I had given Lois for her last Christmas. We had matching ones. It was a charm that had Sisters on it. After she had passed away, they ask me to take her jewelry off. Before leaving to go to the funeral home, I placed her bracelet on my arm next to the one that matched hers. While driving, I had a lot on my mind and wasn't looking for her sign. In fact I was holding her bracelet and thinking how much I missed my little sister.

Then I saw it. A red-tailed hawk flying in a circle, not more than 20 feet from me. I almost ran off the bridge and started crying uncontrollable. But this time it was not tears of sorrow or even sadness. I knew my Sissy had made it to heaven. For she sent me her sign, exactly like she said she would. The reason she had chosen the red-tailed hawk, was that we live in the city and rarely see a "red-tailed" hawk here. It had to be flying in a circle to get my attention and to know that life is a circle and love will always be in that circle. Lois didn't want me to see a hawk sitting on a highline or in a tree and for me to think that was her sign. It had to be flying in a circle, for it to be from her.

So now Sissy, I know without a doubt that you are with Jesus in heaven. Please tell Jesus that I love him and to take really good care of you, for you are still precious to so many here. Thank you for sending me your sign and letting me know you arrived in heaven. Give Daddy a huge hug from all of us and tell him we miss him too. We will always love you both for always and forever!


This is very special to me, as is the angel who created it.
Thank you Gretchen for the beautiful and breathtaking tribute to Lois.
Your love, your kindness, and your friendship means the world to me.
God sent me an angel, when he sent me you.
I love you, my little sister in Christ.

Special Thanks

To my dear friend Sassy, for the use of this background music.
Sassy's Corner

Also to my dear friend Cathi, for the use of the rose for my graphics.


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