In Loving Memory
Daisy Lee Ivie

October 11, 1925 ~ July 18, 2003

My Precious Mother

Music Playing
"The Lords Prayer"
Composed by Albert Hay Malotte


In the quiet times, when I'm alone.
Away from all the confusion that is my
day to day life. I think of you
mama. How much I love you, how much
you mean to me. How much our sharing
has enriched my life. And when my quiet
time has ended, I place your love and
all our memories in a special place in my
heart. Return to everyday life renewed in
knowing how blest I am to have had a mother
as wonderful as you.

Forever in my heart you will continue to live.


Mother's Eulogy

As we gather today to honor the memory of mama, let us
also celebrate her life and how she touched each of our
hearts. A precious lady who was loving, caring and gave
so much of herself to those she loved.

This weekend as others shared their memories of mama
with me, so many, times I heard her friends and my family
say that she lived life and lived it to the fullest. Mama
loved life and indeed she did live it to the fullest. Each of
you brought her great pleasure and an abundance of love
into her life. Something she held dear to her heart and
treasured each friendship that was made. I hope you will
continue to share you memories of mama with me for
they do bring comfort, along with memories I will
forever treasure.

But did you know, did you know what a great mama she
was? A mama that sewed all our clothes as children with
love in each stitch. A mama, who set up all night with us
when we were sick just incase we needed the reassurance
of just having our mama there with us. A mama who took
us to church, who taught Sunday school and spoke in a
soft voice and explained the bible to us. So we as children
could understand it�s meaning and the importance that
those lessons would have on us throughout our lives. A
mama, who didn�t hesitate to risk her own life to save mine
as I was being attacked by a dog. The list of how she
proved her love for us could continue from now to eternity
and would not do justice of the precious and loving mama
she was. In my heart that love she so tenderly placed there
will forever remain and continue to grow for a lady that I
love so dearly. A lady who had the strength of a lion yet
could be as gentle as a lamb.

Mama loved children so much, that after we had grown
and started our own lives. She open a childcare.A
childcare that she owned and operated for over 25 years.
Lovingly the children she cared for called her Nanny Ivie.
A name she took great pride in. She adored all those
children and it brought her so much love to care for
those little ones.

Mama was a Christian lady, who loved the Lord with all
her heart. She enjoyed going to Church and looked
forward to Sundays. She would be dressed and waiting
at the door when Ricky would come by to pick her up.
She loved reading her bible and would set for hours
studying the scripture. In my heart I have no doubt where
she is right now. She�s at home, at home with Jesus and
knowing mother she�s taking care of a child just like she
did here on earth for so many years.

In closing, there are five people I would like to mention.
Although mama�s blood did not run through your veins,
her love did. For years your love brought
great joy to her. Mama thought of you like sons,
Strider, Nicky, Ricky, Mike and Jerry .

Thank you for sharing this day with us in celebration of
Daisy Lee Ivie�s life. A precious mother, grand mother,
great grandmother, sister, aunt, Nanny to many and a
friend to all who knew her.

From Glenda, your grandchildren, Gina, Misty, Amber
and David, your great grandchildren, Aunt Ada, your
nephew Strider and niece Paula and myself we send our
love. Thank you for the memories, thank you for your
love, but most of all thank you for being my mama.


This section of my site is one of the most difficult to create.
Perhaps due to the sorrow I still feel deep within my heart. I
miss her tremendously, more than any simple words could
convey. However, with her birthday in a couple of days I
wanted to do something special for such a wonderful mother.
For weeks I have tried to set down and create this memorial.
However, I could not bring myself to do it, until now.

After a friend, a dear friend helped me more than he will ever
know. Thank you Darrell, thank you for your words of wisdom but
most of all thank you for your friendship and for just being you!
I love you D

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This rose was one of many roses draped over mother�s casket.

October 2003
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