~ An Angel ~

In life her eyes saw love,
The never ending blessings from above.
Through the same eyes she saw hate,
All the anger, lies, and broken dreams one life can manipulate.

From the out side she was a picture of stone,
Rough...scared...and rigid to the bone.
But on the inside there was an angel,
Beautiful and perfect, but trapped from every angle.

She was dealt a card,
That in life she would not be able to discard.
So life seemed with out hope or light,
Till she met a man named Jesus who set that Angel to flight.

Though her life is no longer here,
With those same eyes she can look down with no tears.
So beautiful Angel, watch now as your dreams may come true.
Remember that there are two children who still love you.

We will do our best to make you proud,
And we wil look for you up in the clouds.
Remember, every rose has thorns,
No one remembers the thorns.

Only the sweet smell of the roses morning dew,
The rose reflects a life that was just like you.
So rest peaceful up in heavens sweet calm,
And for eternity remember we love you Mom.

Born: October 14, 1960 ~ Died: February 12, 2000

~ David ~
Lois' Son
�David 2001 - 2020/IvieMemorial




"Angel" performed by Sarah Mclachlan
From the Movie "City of Angels"

Created January 17, 2001