You Are The Hero Of My Heart

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My precious little flower. Although my little garden only has one rose.
You are the most delicate, sweet and treasured rose a mother could
have ever been blest to care for. One single rose that fills my garden
with an abundance of love and beauty.

Through the years as I have watched you bloom. From the smallest
rosebud to the exquisite rose you have become. I sit in wonder of how
I was blest to be so fortuitous to have the pleasure of caring for such
a pure and gentle soul.

When you were but a little one, you always reached for that light. Striving
to grow so reach the sun and conquer the power within you.
From your amazing strength, to the beauty of your heart. You have
achieved victoriously the goals of your dreams.

Now that you have conquered the light and you start down a new path in
life. Trust yourself, trust your heart, ride the wind sweet baby girl. Take
your dreams where they have never been. Live life, live it Misty. Never stop
reaching, never stop dreaming. For those who have no dreams,
have no future.

As your papaw Ivie use to say, life is like a willow tree. God
made the willow so it could bend, to withstand the strong winds that
at times try to destroy it. So like my little garden with it's one perfect
rose. Tend to the willow, nourish it with honesty, goodness and trust.
And in return it to will grow tall and strong.

Always remember that I love you Misty. Treasure the ones you love,
and cherish the memories that are made. Hold them tenderly in your
heart and protect them always. I try to not let a day go by without
saying these three simple words, and I mean them with all that I am.
I love you. I thank you baby girl for filling my life with your grace and
your love.

Know how proud I am of you Misty! My little rose, who has more than
filled the smallest garden with her beauty and love. I love you Misty,
always remember how special you are and how I cherish you.

There is a hero in everybody's heart, and you are my hero Misty.
You are the hero of my heart!

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