In Loving Memory

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"To Where You Are"
Performed by Josh Groban

An Angel By My Side

You Left This Earth Leaving Me Behind
The Ache Inside Will Always Remain
Yet When I Think About Where You Are
Peace Comes Over Me
As I Know I'll Always Have An Angel
Walking By My Side...

I'm Lost Without You In My Life
It's As If A Part Of Me Is Missing
But I Know When The Time Comes
The Lord Will Once Again Place Us Together
Smiling As I See Your Face
The One I've Missed So Much
I'll Reach For You With Tears Of Joy...

Even If I Can't Be There With You
I Know Your Still Here With Me
As You Live Inside My Heart
Where I Shall Always Keep You
It's What Eases The Pain
The Pain I Prayed To Go Away
As The Lord Made This Possible
Knowing You're In His Care
Where Suffering Is No Longer
You're An Angel Shining Down On Me
Walking By My Side When I Need You Most...

You're Never Forgotten
As You Live Inside My Heart
Holding On To The Memories
Thinking Of You Day And Night
Knowing You're Here With Me
Helping Me Make It Through...

So Farewell For Now
Someday I'll See You Again
This Good Bye Isn't Forever
But While We're A Part
I'll Live Life To The Fullest
The Way You'd Want Me To...

~Author Unknown


This page was created with love for my daughter, Misty.
In loving memory of her beloved grandmother, Nanny Wanda.
We love you and miss you even more!
Happy Birthday Nanny.

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