Precious Friend

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My Dearest Lady Elina

For more than a year now we have been friends.
During that time I have come to know the lady that
you are. The friend that you have become, and in
my eyes the angel you will forever be.

Although we live in different countries. You are
never more than a thought or a heartbeat away.
You fill my life with an abundance of love and

Your life emulates grace, your style reflects a lady
of elegance. But most importantly your heart
radiates the tender and caring lady that I have
grown to love and admire.

I would like to take a moment and thank you for
all that you have shared with me. Teaching me,
patiently I might add how to create graphics, placing
them in guestbooks. Sending me tutorials to always
learn more and encouraging me to not give up on
html codes.

For being there to share my blessing in the past
year. For a shoulder to lean on when times were
not at their best. For just being a friend and the
wisdom you share with me. These are but a
few of the thoughtful and kind ways that you have
built a bridge of friendship over the miles that
separate us.

You are forever giving of yourself. Not only to me,
but also to a host of others. When you created Angels
of Compassion. Little would I know what true and
cherished memories we would make through this
loving and caring group. The friendships that bond
us as a group will forever be treasured.

You are wise, caring, kind and a very loving
person. It is a great honor to call you friend.
Thank you for everything Lady Elina!
You are the best, a true lady.

I Love You


This exquisite gift was created by Lady Elina.
For Lois' second birthday in heaven. From my heart and soul,
I thank you for remembering and giving our family such a heartfelt gift!
Please click on the graphic above to take a stroll
through Lady Elina's beautiful site.

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April 2002
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