Melinda - The Purest of Hearts

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"I Hope You Dance"
Performed by: Lee Ann Wormack

I have always heard, that when one door
closes another one will open. Sometimes
one looks at a closed door for so long that
one does not see that a new one has open.
I have known you for years. But until recently,
I did not see that open door.

In saying that, I would like to thank you for
not closing that door. For the friendship that
we share now is a friendship that I hold close
to my heart and binds us as sisters.
What a treasure you are!

There are so many things in my life I am
thankful for. One being you and your friendship.
Melinda, you have the purest of hearts. Always
doing for others, putting their needs before your own.
You amaze me!

You hold your friends close at heart, and your
family even closer. The ties that bind your character
with goodness, honesty, truthfulness, decent and
upstanding morals are what weaves your heart and
soul into the person that you are. Into the friend that
I have come to cherish.

We have shared many long talks together. Some
serious, some funny, a few that were even sad. But
no matter the subject, I always come away knowing
that I shared the day with a friend. There is a saying
"Let not the grass grow on the path of friendship."
Let's make sure that never happens. For the friendship
we share, is truly a blessing in itself.

Thank you for everything. But more importantly thank
you for you, and the friendship that was born from
walking through a door left open. I love you!

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