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Angel of Mine

Let me start off my saying God has always been so good to me. Always watching over me and showering me with many blessings. One of His most valued blessings was a boy he sent to watch over me and my sisters when we were little tots. Through the years the boy as well as us girls grew up, into teenagers and now adults. Each of us started our own families, but you know�now and forever I will always remember when that boy walked into our lives and changed it forever. The boy, the teenager and now a man will now and forever be a part of us, a part of me.

I think about the promises made as children to each other, the promises that are still being made and have never been broken. I think about all the words between us that never seem to be needed or be spoken. Through the years we grew to know each others hearts. With a glance, with a look we could understand what the other was trying to convey without words that seem to clutter the moment. Yes we shared a moment, but that moment has lasted a lifetime and will last beyond any dream, beyond a lifetime! I say we are the lucky ones. Some never get to share what we have, what we have been blessed to do and all that we get to do. I will forever think of you Strider, now and forever.

We came together as a family, we lived together in unity, we played together in harmony and most importantly we loved together now and forever. No doubt that together we lit up the world! I think about the tears we shared in those long and deep conversations. I even remember the tears you shed when we were children. If we were hurt, then it hurt your heart too. You were and still are the one who protected us, watched over us and loved us. I think about the laughter that we've shared and how you filled our lives with so much sunshine and happiness. I think about the day you became my friend and all that followed after. Yes there are times I wish I could always be with you the way we used to be. All the memories we�ve made, all the memories still to come are what holds our love together. In my minds eye I can still see us girls cuddled up around you while we all set on the couch watching TV and as us girls drifted off into dreamland, each of us knew how fatuitous we were to have you in our lives.

In time, as we all grew up we would go our separate ways, to spread our wings and start our own lives. During that time we lost contact with each other. I always thought of you, always felt your love that you placed in my heart all those years ago. You were and will always be a part of me. Geographic�s can�t change that. No matter the distance that separated us, there is an eternal bond that binds us together now and forever.

However, as I said before God always watches over me and when He knew I needed you, needed a friend and someone I could trust He blessed me once again and you walked back into my life. Now and forever I will always think of you. Now and forever I will always be with you, there in your heart forever will I be, as you will always be a part of me for now and forever!

Throughout the years Strider, you have become my mentor, my guide, my protector, my never ending source of wisdom, my sunshine and my friend. You were always there in my most difficult times of need and you know what I am referring to. But above all these, now and forever you are my family, my cousin who took us under your wing and taught me how to spread my wings and fly.

Strider & Martha

I Love You

Today is mother�s birthday and to her you were the son of her heart. The son she always longed for. As I think of mother today and wondered how I could pay tribute to her, I thought what better way than to create a page for you, the one she loved, the one we all love. Strider, know she is still watching over us and I have no doubt that she had a hand in reuniting us once again. Her family, the ones she loved. From mother and her daughters to the son of her heart, we send our love to you now and forever!

I love you Strider

Eight letters, three words and one meaning.
Shared with me by Strider the meaning behind 831

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