Todd & Prissy

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"To Me"
Performed by Kenny Rogers



- To Me -

To me, this song reminds me of the love you
two have for one another Prissy and Todd.
Two souls united as one. How very fortunate
you are to have been blest to find such a love.
Like the first star of evening, your love for one
another shines bright. A love that was meant to be.
Hold on to that love. For love that great only
comes along once in a lifetime.

I realize this is a love song. I try to put songs
that reflect how I feel about a person when I
put my thoughts down on a page. But if you listen
to the words, there are many phrases that mirror
how I feel in my heart for you two.

Although the road has been long, and rough
at times. When I needed someone, someone who
knew first hand the path I had traveled. God
brought me a little pint size angel, and I thank
him daily for you. We both lost
sisters whom we treasured. Candles blown out
too soon in life. Sisters who touched our lives and
hearts with their love. Sisters we will never forget.

Prissy, so many gifts you have given me
unbeknownst to you. Courage, strength,
faith, are but a few. You've shown me and
shared with me that although the pain
seems unbearable at times. All we have
to do is believe. Believe that each day the
emptiness that was left from a heart that was
broken will mend. And that one glorious day
we will be reunited with them. Thank you for
your wisdom, thank you for having such a
tender heart, but most of all thank you for
being you. You are the truth I believe in
and I do believe in you.

Just as sure as I am sure there's a heaven,
God knows you two were meant to be. As I
see you both raising you two precious sons
and your sisters two beautiful daughters. I
marvel at the family unity you share. A family
that is bound my love. A love that will forever
keep you together. I am so proud of you Todd
and Prissy, so very proud!

Always know that I cherish you both,
and love you with all my heart and soul.
Aunt M



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