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Performed by Darrell
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Darrell, my daddy use to say that when one sees a
ray of sun light beaming through a cloud or into a
room through a window that it is a little bit of
heaven shining through. I want you to know that is
how I think of you. A ray of sunshine that fills my
life with an abundance of laughter, love and always
hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Not only do you have a voice of an angel, a
true talent God has blest you with. But you also
share with others, the many other gifts God has given
you. As I observed you with your family Christmas Eve,
I was amazed as I watched a humble soul leading
his family in prayer. Handing out the gifts, lighting the
candle, overseeing the fireworks and making sure
everything went smoothly. Those things are only
done with love, a genuine love that comes from the
heart. I was overwhelm with tears at one point as
I wondered if they knew, truly knew what a
blessing you are.

Yes, there are times in all of our lives, that
with our hectic schedules and our busy lives we
don't slow down long enough to appreciate the truly
important blessings in life. Those who shape our lives
with their wisdom, with their friendship and with their
love that they give unconditionally. So Darrell, if I don't
tell you enough, I want you to know that I thank you.
I thank you for all your special gifts! From the
way you make me laugh, to the smile I acquire
while remembering the moments shared with you and
your family. What a special blessing you are
and I hope and pray you know how important
you are to me so many others and me. How much
you are loved and how much sunshine you
do bring into all of our lives. I thank
God for you everyday!

As I listen to your music as I ride in the car
or just relaxing at home. Your talent, your gift,
your inspiration touches my heart. As I ponder the
words of the songs you sing and the message
they convey. Know that your ministry in sharing
and spreading God's word truly makes me think and
realize how blest I am for knowing His love.
So you see my friend, God is using you
even when you don't even realize it. We might
not know what tomorrow will bring. But be it
here or in Heaven I know we will both
be holding God's hand.

To my little ray of sunshine, I love you with all my heart.
Aunt M

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