You Are Unforgettable

Performed by Natalie & Nat King Cole

My Mother

Maybe it's her eyes
Such lovely eyes
That sees into the center
Of my soul
And, filled with faith
Cast away
My every sorrow
With their caring

Maybe it's her lips
Such tender lips
That kisses my crimson check
And heals my hurt
That warmly smiles
As we talk
And I am strengthened
By their sharing

Maybe it's her ears
Such sensitive ears
That hears beyond my voice
Into my heart
And are never closed
But always open
To my thoughts
And deepest needs

Maybe it's her hands
Such gentle hands
That works and weathers life
Without complaint
That lovingly forever
Seem to bless my mortal days
With kindly deeds

Maybe it's all of these
And even so much more
That makes my Mother
So easy to adore



In your younger days, perhaps around the time this photo
was taken, you attended a party at Nat King Cole's house.
So I thought this song would be perfect for this page.



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